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Special Unity Event in Paris

I’d like to share with you a report I received on a special event of unity and friendship that my students carried out last week in Paris, France.

These students created an association called “Circulaires Solutions,” which offers to go to places and give free activities that include social games, workshops on various topics, clips, and other media. The purpose of all the activities is to bring people closer. Last Saturday (January 17, 2015) they had a two-hour meeting on the theme of mutual responsibility, conducted with games and workshops on the theme of human relationships and what makes us happy.

The event was very successful, and the participants said that they felt a strong sense of bonding and warmth, something they’ve been missing for a long time. One said, “I feel warmth and joy.” another said, “Only if we become responsible for each other will we reach the real level of the Human.” A third said, “I think we need to educate ourselves to love and support each other, because none of us succeeds alone.” And the one that touched me most was “Here in Paris, I don’t not know anybody, and I don’t speak to anyone here. But today I feel at home, in the family. It seems to me as I’m in my country among my people.”

I was very happy to hear it, and I am delighted that people do not just believe that unity is good, but take real steps toward making it a reality.



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